About Us


SNKRTEK was established by two of your ordinary sneakers heads. Just like any other hobbyist we wanted a way to showcase our exclusive sneakers. A hoard of shoe boxes in your spare room can always start a discussion, except in no way is it simple to uncover that certain pair you desire show off. Other than creating a topic of conversation, we wanted a way to protect and prolong the life of our iconic sneakers. We searched the web and found all kinds of arts and crafts storage boxes, showcases for sports memorabilia, and storage containers that would shelter our shoes, but in no way display and protect. We desired a product to do both, distinctively fit for sneakers.

As a result of our inconclusive efforts to stumble upon a product to fit for our needs, we were determined to design a solution to our problem. We specifically brainstormed a product with the mindset of all sneaker heads, and what mattered to us. We began with that was most essential, superior protection, compact storage, effortless accessibility and to be observable from all aspects. We proficiently achieved this with all of our display products.

With the thought of turning our idea into an e-commerce business, we refused to offer a single method to protect our grail. We needed to provide sole collectors with alternative way safeguard and maintain the state of their priceless sneakers. At this point in time, we had our shoes in zip-lock bags to slow down oxidization. This method worked, but had one major flaw. The bag made the sneaker awkward to hold and difficult to observe. This concern drove us to design a form fitting, easy to apply bag. Taking into account every shoe is different, we created a bag that would form fit any shoe by applying heat. Our precut shrink-wrap bags give you the professional look that you see at your local sneaker boutique.

SNKRTEK has years of experience in sneaker protection and display and is passionate about exceeding your expectations. As our business grows, the development of new products will arise to make sure your compilation of sneakers stay in top-notch quality. Check back regularly to view how we expand as a company, how our goods improve, and catch all the new vital products to keeping your shoe game 100!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.